Claus Theo Gärtner in chat

Claus Theo GÀrtner

Claus Theo GÀrtner

2004-05-09 17:00

Claus Theo GÀrtner in chat

The well known actor from the German TV series "Ein Fall fÃŒr zwei" chats with his fans.

As private detective "Josef Matula" Claus Theo GÀrtner solves crime cases in the German Main metropole Frankfurt since more than 20 years and in nearly 220 episodes. Claus Theo GÀrtner participated in numerous other TV productions, too. In the TV movie "Im Zweifel fÃŒr den Angeklagten" produced by Georg Althammer he played Dietrich Derz, a man wo was accused of gas murder. Something hardly known: This movie was crucial for the TV station ZDF to engage GÀrtner for the role of Josef Matula! He was also well-complimented on his presentation of the social worker Hanno in the series "Die Straße" (1978).

From 7:00 pm Claus Theo GÀrtner is in chat to talk to you. Visit him via his website or directly in the channel #claustheogaertner


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