We offer you 2 possibilities of the web chat: on the one hand the java applet, on the other hand the chat directly in your brwoser window (Webchat).

Java Chat

Using the Java Chat will let you chat conveniently in your browser. You just need to have Java installed and port 6667 (IRC) has not to be blocked by firewalls etc.

Open Java-Chat


With the Webchat you can also chat directly in your browser. But it doesn't need Java to be installed - only JavaScript has to be activated.
The Webchat usually works in spite of firewalls and it doesn't need any more port unblockings.

Open Webchat
Open Webchat with SSL encryption

The Webchat has been tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox and Opera and is working with Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer, Mozilla 1.3 or newer and Opera 7.20 or newer. If you are using Firefox it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version. Especially with Firefox 1.0.4 the chat may not work.


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