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How to get in contact with us

euIRC Newsletter

If you like to get the latest information directly via e-mail, you can subscribe to the euIRC Newsletter.

Send an e-mail to public-subscribe (at) euirc (dot) net with "subscribe <e mail address>" in subject.

Oper contact

euIRCnet's opers are available for proposals and will help you solving problems with the services, channels, users etc.
Please report them illegal activities in euIRC like spamming, paedophile activities etc.

Routing contact

If you have questions to link a new server you may ask the routing-team for help.

K-Line Contact

If you got a K-Line on one or all servers you can request for a abolition of the K-Line and you may ask for the reason of the K-Line.

VHost Contact

Please e-mail the VHost Team if you have questions or problems concerning VHosts:

WebChat Contact

The WebChat Team answers your questions about the euIRC JavaApplet and helps you solving problems.

WebEye Contact

Please ask the WebEye Team about questions concerning the WebEye.

Website Contact

If you have suggestions or ideas for this Website you are free to email them to the Web Team:


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