April-fools prank stats

As most of you already noticed, yesterdays news was an april fools prank.

OPERME was a prank-command that added the line "$me has been fooled" to the WHOIS of the user. Afterwards KILL acutally worked beside the disadvantage that the user was always killing himself instead of his target.

For everyone that missed the event or wants to enjoy it again, here's the stats page:

2014-04-02 | Author: Chibisuke

Server Update - new features

Due to growing ammount of spam we decided to make some oper only functions available to users. Therefor its possible to use /KILL for everyone starting from today if certain requirements are fulfilled

- you need to be connected to euIRC for at least 1 hour (to prevent abuse spam)
- you need a registered Nick
- you need to use the command /OPERME (or /quote operme) to enable the permissions

After you successfully used /operme to gain privileges you're allowed to use /KILL <nick> <reason>

Please note its not possible to kill an oper, server or service using this command. Also please note that if there's heavy abuse we might opt to revoke the permissions from certain indiviuals.

2014-03-31 | Author: Chibisuke

Minor upgrade on rbx

We did a small update to today, because we want to test a feature that we call "ssl on demand". It allows us to use the same port for normal and sll connections. This feature got activated for all IRC-ports on now. Just try out the ssl-on-demand on

other changes:

* we patched an extra filter for the UTF-8 validator of the websocket code
* reactivated the async-auth process for our community feature.

2013-05-27 | Author: Vampirin

euircd upgrade to 1.3.4

Some keystones about the 1.3.2->1.3.4 euircd upgrade that will take place during the next week (night between wednesday and thursday)
( is running the intermediate version for some weeks now)

- native 64bit, kevent/epoll socket engine, new async DNS resolver, new async iAuth, which leads to a much shorter connect process, lesser latency and higher overall performance of the euircd

- added DNSBL (RBL) support, during connect, which will lock out any listed IPs in efnet, dronebl, sectoor, ahbl for now

- fixed line-endings (there was the <CR> missing, reported by some users)

- added CAP support (client capability negotiation)
- fixed ISUPPORT (005 numeric) to full "RFC" compliance
- added CAP mutli-prefix (NAMESX) - send all prefix on join
- added CAP tls (STARTTLS) - used by kvirc for example
- added CAP user-color - each user can choose an individual chat-color
* was/is used by the euIRC java applet (/setcolor command)
* we will add this to our new webchat client soon(tm)

- implemented an "maintenance" mode to redirect users to other servers
* redirect will choose an appropriate std. port

- implemented websocket support and made qwebirc to use it. this increases the performance of this webchat clients and allows us to get rid of the resource hungry python backend.

- here a short list of ports:
* 6660 - compatibility mode
* 6663 - no ident request
* 6666~6669 - std. ports
* 6697, 6999 - ssl

2013-05-04 | Author: Vampirin

Time to say goodbye

After all the good news for the last weeks these aren't pleasing. Several members of the euIRC-team decided to leave. These are DarkBlood, Dragon, Herr_Vorragend, Majadon, Noxx and satmd. Together they worked over years on euIRC, keept it together and always had time to help a user in distress.

We thank you for that. The world (of IRC) is small, so we will meet somewhere again.

2013-05-01 | Author: mensch

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