Prefix Patches for some IRC clients

The implementation of the new prefixes for Channel Founder and Channel Admin makes it necessary to update the clients which have problems with these prefixes.
If your client is affected by these problems you get to to know how to eliminate these problems in the following. If your client is not mentioned user mode +c may help you.


irssi CVS
User mode +c


XChat Version 2.x and newer needs not to be updated anymore!

For XChat Version 1.8.x bundy provides patches:

irssi CVS

For the latest irssi CVS Version (2005-12-27) steve provides a patch:
(original website of the patherfinderteam)

Usermode +c

If your client has problems with the * and ! prefixes and there are no patches for your client or you don't want to install one there is another possibility.
You can turn off the new prefixes. This means Channel Founder and Channel Admin are no longer shown as * and ! but as @ for Channel Operator. Therefor you have to set user mode +c for your nick:
/mode <dein_nick> +c

You can connect via port 6660 to any server in euIRC instead. Then the user mode +c is set automatically during connect.


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