Virtual Hosts

Using a VirtualHost can raise your level of protection against nukers etc. and it can look pretty at the same time. A could become or sth. like that.


You can request your VHost in the channel #euirc.vhost or via /ns SET VHOST <vhost>

If your VHost is ready (this may take one day) it will be activated whenever you identify your nick (/ns IDENTIFY).
You will also receive a Memo via MemoServ if it's ready.

If you already have an active VHost on another nick, you can transfer it to your current nick. You have to enter the following command:/ns SET VHOST <other_nick> <password_of other nick>


When choosing your VHost please consider the following:
- The VHost has to consist of a valid domain. (am.great is not allowed.)
- The VHost must not be a faked cloaked euirc-host or contain a part of a isp host.
- You have to be the owner of the domain you wish to use or you have to have the permission of the domain owner to use his domain in your VHost.
- Only 1 VHost per person!
- Maximum length is 63 characters.
- VHost may only contain the characters a-z, 0-9, - and . - nothing else.
- Please do not use www. in your VHost. (A VHost should not be used for advertising.)
- Users are allowed to use VHosts. But please pay attention to the content of the requested VHost. However, the form is reserverd for
- Finally the euIRC-team decides your request.


For any further information on VHosts or if you have problems please mail to the VHost-Team:


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