"k-lined due to abuse" - what to do?

If you happen to read this notice and you are not able to connect to the euIRC Network, this may be caused by the following two reasons:

1. Stop Position for Bots (Trasher)

You (unintentionally) entered one of our DeadEnd channels for Bots, stayed there for at least one (1) minute and therefore have been globally banned for six (6) hours (G-Lined). This is likely to happen if you either ignored the topic of the channel in question or, if you use a BNC , you have been kicked and banned from another channel that redirects you to a trasher channel whenever your BNC tries to rejoin the channel you're banned in. We recommend that you disable this BNC feature in order to avoid the latter. If you are not able to keep your BNC from connecting and rejoining a trasher channel or if you want to have your static IP unbanned, do not hesitate to contact the euIRC support, where your mail contains your nick and your static IP. As an alternative you can use this online unban formula.

2. SpamBOT Filter

Your computer has been infected by a Virus/Worm/Trojan that entered euIRC Network as a (Spam)Bot and was detected by our Scanner. Please use a Firewall to check your computer's outgoing connections and an antivirus application to examine your system for malicious code. If still unsure about what to do next, contact the euIRC support for further information concerning your ban (don't forget to tell us your IP, currently

You can also talk live with an oper using our HTML chat:
Click here

3. Incorrect Extensions

In this case there is any kind of extension (plugin, module, script, ...) loaded into your IRC client and sending incorrect CTCP replies. Because a widespread worm is sending those incorrect CTCP replies too some users having such incorrect extensions loaded get banned too. The easiest and recommended solution for this problem is to unload those extensions because nobody knows how recipients respond to these incorrect CTCP replies. Another solution could be to add the user SpamScanner to your IRC client's ignore list because it is better to send no reply instead of an erroneous one.


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