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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: VOP channel ADD nick
        VOP channel DEL nick
        VOP channel LIST [mask | list]
        VOP channel COUNT

Maintains the VoiceOp (VOP) list for a channel.
Users with VOP status are automatically voiced (set
mode +v) when they join the channel.

The VOP LIST command displays the VOP list.  If
a wildcard mask is given, only those entries matching the
mask are displayed.  If a list of entry numbers is given,
only those entries are shown; for example:

   VOP #channel LIST 2-5,7-9
      Lists VOP list entries numbered 2 through 5 and
      7 through 9.

The VOP COUNT command returns the number of entries
there are on the VOP list.


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