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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: ACCESS channel ADD nick level
        ACCESS channel DEL {nick | entry-num | list}
        ACCESS channel LIST [mask | list]
        ACCESS channel COUNT

Maintains the access list for a channel.  The access
list specifies which users are allowed chanop status or
access to ChanServ commands on the channel.  Different
user levels allow for access to different subsets of
privileges; /msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS LEVELS for more
specific information.  Any nick not on the access list has
a user level of 0.

Note that the access list may also be manipulated with the
SOP, AOP, and VOP commands, which correspond to
levels of %d, %d, and %d respectively.

The ACCESS ADD command adds the given nickname to the
access list with the given user level; if the nick is
already present on the list, its access level is changed to
the level specified in the command.  The level specified
must be less than that of the user giving the command, and
if the nick is already on the access list, the current
access level of that nick must be less than the access level
of the user giving the command.

The ACCESS DEL command removes the given nick from the
access list.  If a list of entry numbers is given, those
entries are deleted.  (See the example for LIST below.)

The ACCESS LIST command displays the access list.  If
a wildcard mask is given, only those entries matching the
mask are displayed.  If a list of entry numbers is given,
only those entries are shown; for example:

   ACCESS #channel LIST 2-5,7-9
      Lists access entries numbered 2 through 5 and
      7 through 9.

The ACCESS COUNT command returns the number of entries
there are on the access list.


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