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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: AKICK channel ADD mask [reason]
        AKICK channel DEL mask
        AKICK channel LIST [mask | list]
        AKICK channel VIEW [mask | list]
        AKICK channel ENFORCE
        AKICK channel COUNT

Maintains the AutoKick list for a channel.  If a user
on the AutoKick list attempts to join the channel,
ChanServ will ban that user from the channel, then kick
the user.

The AKICK ADD command adds the given nick or usermask
to the AutoKick list.  If a reason is given with
the command, that reason will be used when the user is
kicked; if not, the default reason is "You have been
banned from the channel".

The AKICK DEL command removes the given nick or mask
from the AutoKick list.  It does not, however, remove any
bans placed by an AutoKick; those must be removed

The AKICK LIST command displays the AutoKick list, or
optionally only those AutoKick entries which match the
given mask. AKICK VIEW simply shows more details.

The AKICK ENFORCE command causes ChanServ to enforce the
current AKICK list by removing those users who match an
AKICK mask.

The AKICK COUNT command returns how many entries there
are on the AutoKick list.


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