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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: CLEAR channel what

Tells ChanServ to clear certain settings on a channel.  what
can be any of the following:

     MODES       Clears all modes on the channel except those
                     set in the channel's mode lock.
     BANS        Clears all bans on the channel.
     EXCEPTIONS  Clears all exceptions on the channel.
     OPS         Removes channel-operator status (mode +o) from
                     all users.
     HALFOPS     Removes halfop status (mode +h) from all users.
     VOICES      Removes "voice" status (mode +v) from all users.
     USERS       Removes (kicks) all users from the channel.

By default, your access level on the channel must be at
least 10 to use this command.


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