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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

The following feature/function names are understood.  Note
that the levels for AUTODEOP and NOJOIN are maximum levels,
while all others are minimum levels.
AUTOOPAutomatic channel operator status
AUTOVOICEAutomatic mode +v
AUTODEOPChannel operator/halfop status disallowed
NOJOINNot allowed to join channel if RESTRICTED
INVITEAllowed to use INVITE command
AKICKAllowed to use AKICK command
SETAllowed to use SET command (not FOUNDER/PASSWORD)
CLEARAllowed to use CLEAR command
UNBANAllowed to use UNBAN command
OP-DEOPAllowed to use OP/DEOP commands
ACC-LISTAllowed to view the access list
ACC-CHANGEAllowed to modify the access list
MEMOAllowed to list/read channel memos
VOICEAllowed to use VOICE/DEVOICE commands
AUTOHALFOPAutomatic halfop (+h) status
HALFOPAllowed to use HALFOP/DEHALFOP commands
AUTOPROTECTAutomatic channel protect (+a) status
PROTECTAllowed to use PROTECT/DEPROTECT commands


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