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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: SET channel option parameters

Allows the channel founder to set various channel options
and other information.  The founder must use the IDENTIFY
command before using SET.

Available options:

    FOUNDER     Set the founder of a channel
    SUCCESSOR   Set the successor for a channel
    PASSWORD    Set the founder password
    DESC        Set the channel description
    URL         Associate a URL with the channel
    EMAIL       Associate an E-mail address with the channel
    ENTRYMSG    Set a message to be sent to users when they
                   enter the channel
    TOPIC       Change the topic on the channel
    KEEPTOPIC   Retain topic when channel is not in use
    TOPICLOCK   Topic can only be changed with SET TOPIC
    MLOCK       Lock channel modes on or off
    PRIVATE     Hide channel from LIST command
    RESTRICTED  Restrict access to the channel
    SECURE      Activate ChanServ security features
    SECUREOPS   Stricter control of chanop status
    LEAVEOPS    Do not de-op users on channel entry
    OPNOTICE    Send a notice when OP/DEOP commands are used
    ENFORCE     Enforce auto-op, auto-voice status

Type /msg ChanServ HELP option for more information on a
particular option.


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