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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: LINK nick password

Links your nickname to another, effectively making the nick
you are currently using an alias for the given nick.  When
you give this command, the access list for the nick you are
using is deleted and replaced by that of the nick you are
linking to; all memos for your current nick are added to
the list of memos for the target nick (this may cause the
nick to exceed its limit of memos, in which case you will
need to delete some before you can receive more for either

Once the link has been established, your nick will be
transparently converted into the target nick everywhere in
Services, except for the NickServ UNLINK and DROP commands.  For
example, you can use either nick to read the same set of
memos (and memos sent to either nick will go into the same
list).  If either nick is on a channel's access list, then
both nicks will get the same access privileges.  However,
the nicks will expire independently; if you only use one of
a set of linked nicks, all the rest will expire.

In order to use this command, you must identify for your
current nick (using the IDENTIFY command), and you must
supply the password for the nick you wish to link to.


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