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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: REGISTER password [email]

Registers your nickname in the NickServ database.  Once
your nick is registered, you can use the SET and ACCESS
commands to configure your nick's settings as you like
them.  Make sure you remember the password you use when
registering - you'll need it to make changes to your nick
later.  (Note that case matters!  FIDO, Fido, and fido
are all different passwords!)

You may include an E-mail address when registering your
nickname; you may also set one later using the SET EMAIL

Guidelines on choosing passwords:

Passwords should not be easily guessable.  For example,
using your real name as a password is a bad idea.  Using
your nickname as a password is a much worse idea ;) and,
in fact, NickServ will not allow it.  Also, short
passwords are vulnerable to trial-and-error searches, so
you should choose a password at least 5 characters long.
Finally, the space character cannot be used in passwords.


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