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NickServ ChanServ MemoServ

Syntax: REGISTER channel password description

Registers a channel in the ChanServ database.  In order
to use this command, you must first be a channel operator
on the channel you're trying to register.  The password
is used with the IDENTIFY command to allow you to
make changes to the channel settings at a later time.
The last parameter, which must be included, is a
general description of the channel's purpose.

When you register a channel, you are recorded as the
"founder" of the channel.  The channel founder is allowed
to change all of the channel settings for the channel;
ChanServ will also automatically give the founder
channel-operator privileges when s/he enters the channel.
See the ACCESS command (/msg ChanServ HELP ACCESS) for
information on giving a subset of these privileges to
other channel users.

NOTICE: In order to register a channel, you must have
first registered your nickname.  If you haven't,
/msg %s HELP for information on how to do so.


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